ONE Emblems Corp. is the US division of ESSE Group, company established in Italy in 1970, as a screen printing and hot printing factory, specialized then with cutting-edge technologies for doming labels. The ‘ONE’ Emblems Corporation, young company born in 2014, is specialized for both screen and digital printing on any kind of adhesive material and in particular for the production of dome labels with DOX SYSTEM® trade mark. The DOX SYSTEM® method consists in a surface treatment of labels, which protects and enhances the graphic of the labels giving an overview of magnifying lens. This revolutionary treatment helps to transform a simple label brand in a real important emblem. In addition, the same technology can be used to manufacture plates polycarbonate either dome or normal. Today One Emblems Corporation is equipped with two other new technologies able to produce 3D labels and he is always looking for innovative technologies to keep the first places in the labels world production. and in particular for the production of dome labels with DOX SYSTEM® trade mark.


Always look forward without ever stopping technological updating. In our research and development department we are always keen to implement new combinations of innovative products to get emblems of the highest level, both aesthetic and qualitative. Combining the creative skills of our Design Center, in addition to the style, to the newest technologies of production, we are able to meet the demands of an attentive market, very demanding and always looking for new beauty products.
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